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My Fat, Not Yours

Not all fat is created equal. Genetics, locations on the body and more make up the rules of how cellulite is going to show up and develop on your body.

Hormones play a part, DNA plays a part and of course the environment and lifestyle choices play a part.

Welcome to the blog...errr...website about my cellulite. Hopefully it helps you. But remember..this is about my fat, not yours. What works for me ,may or may not work for you.

What matters is that you're aware that you probably should do something different if what you've done has produced nada.

The Offensive Sites of My Lumpy Skin

It's not that you are offended. It's that I am. I look down when I pee and what do I see? Evidence of the fat on me. Elite, Athletic, Solid, Fit, In-shape, Strong. I use to be all those words. Then injury on top of injury on top of childbirth on top of injury. Welcome to my new exploration of what works to get fat off me. From former endurance athlete to fatass...follow me as I regain my elite athletic statue and trudge through my journey to lose over 50 pounds with a packed schedule and 2 full time jobs.

Facing the Truth Visually

Do I dare show photos of my big butt? You tube videos of what not to do, what to do and how to inch through the massive amount of excuses and ignorance that got me to a point of severe obesity?

Dare I show you, (crazy to be reading this) how I struggle and how I overcome the obstacles to losing lipids that relentlessly stick to my osteocytes?

It's a battle and it's time to go to war. Welcome to my world of ridiculously humor and sarcastic weight loss failures and success.

Why some Fat is Never sexy

Fat can kill you. It's not sexy. However, there are some forms of fat that are sexy because they help to cushion and protect our internal organs and keep us functioning at optimal levels. Fat, if you have too much, is never sexy. Likewise, fat that you don't have enough also lacks the attraction factor. Balance is needed.

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Latest Blog Post
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It's my full intention to blog about weight loss...but seeing how things have been going lately it might be about weight gain. Be patient as I figure out how to build this site.

I specialize in being sarcastic and making a really weird website.

I started this journey thinking I would have a blog. Turns out I got a site so I figured why not figure out how to make a site about my ridiculous loss at the battle with obesity.

Somehow I'll make this work. Welcome to the documentation of my journey. Don't push the contact button because I have no clue what to do with it.

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