The interesting thing about being a Fat CoW (yes I’m referring to me) is that if you choose one of the more popular low carb diets, you are encouraged to eat a fat cow.


The Atkin’s Diet, Low Carb Diet or Keto Dieting.

It’s whatever.

I did the Atkin’s Diet several years back and lost 35 pounds in a month or two. I can’t remember, but it was significant.

I ended up with a kidney stone due to not drinking enough water.

So…what do I want to do again?


The Atkin’s Diet.


Because it’s the only thing I haven’t tried since having kids and it worked for me in the past.

Yes…at the risk of getting a kidney stone again, I’m goign to do it.


Because I can’t stand looking in the mirror any longer and seeing gorgeous flowing locks accompanied by a double chin, arms I can’t even remember growing and these bits of cellulite on my thighs.

Granted that I am genetically predisposed to having cellulite (I could be 115lbs and still Have it) I still hate the site of it.

I want to be able to play around with my kids and not braethe heavy going up a hill.

I use to be so athletic that trying to find out what the hell happened to me …well..where did I go?

Did I just disappear?

I know who I am but it’s like she’s hibernating….for ever….like to the tune of over 5 years.

Once I had my injury and then had kids…all energy was consumed by me.

MY body used it as quickly as it took for me to wake up and I found myself exhausted All. THE. TIME.

I got down to 155lb. for baby #2 but that’s still fat.



It’s like the baby never came out of me.

I’m still huge.

Except fat lies where my baby once did.

I’m sure there are bunch of factors adding to it….

PTSD diagnosis from being assaulted. Dealing with an entire body infection after a C section….Dealing with the scar, the wierd way my belly sits now because of it. Dealing with large nearly disfiguring stretch marks on my right breast because of a huge huge infection from yeast while breast feeding. (horrible horrible horrible experience) and that was when I was eating extremly health for my baby.

My first child was made from spinach and yogurt….not kidding. Baby #2? She’s made from chicken, sweet potatoes and rice….and coca cola every once in while.

More to come

My fat, Not Yours

My Fat, Not Yours

Not all fat is created equal. Genetics, locations on the body and more make up the rules of how cellulite is going to show up and develop on your body.

Hormones play a part, DNA plays a part and of course the environment and lifestyle choices play a part.

Welcome to the blog…errr…website about my cellulite. Hopefully it helps you. But remember..this is about my fat, not yours. What works for me ,may or may not work for you.

What matters is that you’re aware that you probably should do something different if what you’ve done has produced nada.

The Offensive Sites of My Lumpy Skin

It’s not that you are offended. It’s that I am. I look down when I pee and what do I see? Evidence of the fat on me. Elite, Athletic, Solid, Fit, In-shape, Strong. I use to be all those words. Then injury on top of injury on top of childbirth on top of injury. Welcome to my new exploration of what works to get fat off me. From former endurance athlete to fatass…follow me as I regain my elite athletic statue and trudge through my journey to lose over 50 pounds with a packed schedule and 2 full time jobs.

Facing the Truth Visually

Do I dare show photos of my big butt? You tube videos of what not to do, what to do and how to inch through the massive amount of excuses and ignorance that got me to a point of severe obesity?

Dare I show you, (crazy to be reading this) how I struggle and how I overcome the obstacles to losing lipids that relentlessly stick to my osteocytes?

It’s a battle and it’s time to go to war. Welcome to my world of ridiculously humor and sarcastic weight loss failures and success.